Energy Drink Private Label 250ml can

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Since 1995, our CEO Martin Kircher has been working on Drink beverages. First as a freelancer and representative - 2001 he founded his first company - in 2007 followed the founding.

Since that time the following points lead our success:

  • Customer advisory service
  • Customer focused employees
  • Adherence to schedules
  • Top quality from Austria / EU (Made in Austria / EU)

 We supply from the private person (eg personalized energy drink to the wedding) up to to large supermarket chains (Energy Drink own brands).

Our specialty is the labeling. The following procedures are available:

  1. Bodylabel variant (Label over the cylindric surface of the can))
  2. TopStyle variant (Label up to the can lid).

5 labeling machines to handle your order quickly and flexibly.
In full operation up to ~17,500 units / h possible